Thursday, May 22, 2014

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours Present You Vegas From Above!!

Not only can you see the amazing lights of Vegas with Las Vegas helicopter tours, but the nearby Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are pretty amazing when seen from a hovering whirlybird. The casino lights of the Vegas Strip are a must-see from the air. Mead Lake, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are on the east door step of Vegas, rendering helicopter flightseeing a superb choice and a fast tour for you.

Don't Miss the Light Show with Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Las Vegas is known for brilliant lights in huge numbers. Take a helicopter above the Vegas lights and you're in for one amazing show. Add in some flightseeing over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam with the 2-hour Southern Nevada Sky Sights helicopter tour. A touch of class greets you when the start of this tour with stretch limousine service to the helicopter terminal. Then, you'll zoom to Hoover Dam, the 1930s project that dammed up the Colorado River to make Lake Mead, the largest U.S. reservoir, and electrical power for residents and businesses in the U.S. Southwest. Your helicopter pilot then takes you over the Las Vegas Strip while describing the history of resort hotels in Sin City.

The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Sunset Helicopter Experience with Landing takes only 45 minutes to position you above one of the seven natural wonders of the world. While sitting within a substantial glass bubble, your chopper takes you slowly down 4,000 feet of geological rock layers to the canyon floor for a landing. Sundown bolsters the brown/red rock of this enormous chasm. You get a snack before lifting off in the chopper for a memorable ride back to Vegas from the Grand Canyon floor. Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are also highlights, but perhaps the most phenomenal emphasis on this four-hour tour is the light show seen while hovering over the Vegas Strip.

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