Friday, August 23, 2013

Maui by way of Mountain Bike!

Maui bike treks come in all sorts of various varieties. Whether you're wanting to cruise downhill from atop a volcanic mountain, or pedal beside the island's impressive shore, there are plenty of exciting options waiting for you.

When it comes to Maui bike tours, the principal attraction is Mount Haleakala. There are several ways to revel in what this extensive 10,000-ft. high volcano has to offer, which makes up roughly three-quarters of the island's surface. Among the leading choices are the sunrise mountain biking tours that begin at Haleakala's summit. This choice features exceptional views for bikers of the sunrise as it works its way up into the sky, and directs its rays down on the desolate, red caldera. It's no overstatement to claim that this will definitely rank among the most extraordinary experiences you have in your entire life! Afterwards, you'll pedal your way downhill over 23 miles of breathtaking paved roads that are full of switchbacks, indigenous flora and fauna, and [...]

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Explore Maui on ATVs!

Whether you would like to see the west side of the island or the east side of the island, there are Maui ATV tours that will do the trick. These phenomenal excursions take you along craggy, scenic coastlines for magnificent ocean views, during which you can appreciate the sight of waves crashing over the shore. Furthermore, they may take you into the lavish interior of Maui for the option to admire the exotic flora and fauna that are belonging to the island and beach. To put it plainly, Maui ATV tours are just the finest method to shuttle yourself here and there across a section of the 730-square-mile landmass.

There really are a couple of major means to travel on these expeditions. You can either travel on a much more typical one-passenger or multi-passenger, all-wheel-drive (AWD) all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or you can navigate all around the island on a dune buggy. The former is simple to manage and remarkably nimble, whereas the latter boasts a bigger wheelbase, bigger wheels and a lower center of gravity, offering you the potential to take on even the most tricky of terrains. Nevertheless no matter which rentals you opt for, these island ATV rides and dune buggy trips provide thrills to last a lifetime!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Find your adventure in Maui!!

Maui adventure tours are well worth the admission price. We know, we know-- not everything in life is like this; Concerts, Movies, Sporting events, Airports can be frustrating. Yet Maui adventure tours are different; they deliver each and every single time. Whether you're searching for a high-speed adventure, or the chance to see a landmark or two from an entirely offbeat vantage point, there's an epic excursion waiting for you on Maui.

The first thing we'll mention are zipline expeditions. You might be saying to yourself, "Hold on a second, how can that be a tour?" Well, allow us tell you something about ziplining on Maui: it happens at the center of the West Maui Mountains! In other words, if you wish to discover those Maui Adventure Tours craggy peaks that make up the northwestern quarter of the island, then there's no more suitable way than by getting strapped into a harness and zooming down the seven-line course at Kapalua. You are certain to have a good time! The ziplines here range from 500 ft. to more than 2,000 ft. In conclusion, this is one of the greatest and most highly regarded courses in the United States thanks to the blend of bone-chilling speeds and majestic sights! You'll most definitely want to include this adventure to your next Maui holiday !! [...]

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun and Adventure on Maui

Most Maui tours feature the incredible beauty of the island by taking you through it on the ground, or helping you explore its surrounding waters. Few of them, however, put you a few hundred feet above the island in order to discover it from a unique, aerial vantage point. On this two-hour helicopter tour, however, that’s exactly what you’ll get—and then some! You see, the best tour of Maui is actually a two-pronged getaway, wherein you’ll not only see Maui’s finest sights, but those of the neighboring Big Island, as well.

This helicopter tour, then, begins when you take off from Kahului. Once you’ve ascended, you’ll find virtually endless panoramic viewing, thanks to the helicopter’s wraparound glass; in other words, every seat is a window seat! At that point, you’ll race off to Haleakala National Park for a glimpse at the more famous and larger of Maui’s two mountains. After all, Haleakala makes up three-quarters of the island’s total surface area; and at its 10,000-ft.-tall apex, Puu Ulaula, it is almost twice the height of the highest peak of the West Maui Mountains, Puu Kukui. Hovering above the summit of Haleakala, you’ll gaze down into its steep, deep, and barren caldera, which will make you feel as though you’re on Mars. It covers above 14 square miles, and maxes out at 2,600. ft. deep!

What once began as a strict tour of Maui, however, will soon change as you make your way south to the Big Island. You’ll fly over the Alenuihaha Channel, and appreciate the glistening azure waters of the Pacific Ocean en route to the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Upon arriving at the Big Island, you’ll visit Kohala, the northernmost and oldest of the five shield volcanoes that comprise the Big Island’s land mass.

Then you’ll fly eastward toward the rainier half of the island, and there discover lush landscapes, dense rainforests, and spectacular valleys. You’ll even streak over the famous Road to Hana, which cuts through over 50 miles of glorious tropical terrain on its way to the remote town of Hana. As you do, you’ll get to see some of the Big Island’s black sand beaches and even more rugged parts of its coastline. In other words, this excursion, which is technically a tour of Maui, is better than most formal Big Island tours!

After seeing the eastern end of the Big Island, your pilot will fly you back over the Alenuihaha Channel toward Maui, at which point you’ll get one last look at its sandy beaches and countless acres of rainforest prior to landing. Speaking of the pilot, we almost forgot to mention that you’ll be wearing a two-way headset for the entire journey, which means that the lines of communication are always open. The result is that you’ll not only view Maui and the Big Island, but be able to listen to expert commentary on them, and ask questions if anything’s unclear.

Sure, there are a lot of claimants to the title of “best tour” on Hawaii. But in our opinion, this one, with so many features, is easily the greatest of the Maui tours.