Friday, August 23, 2013

Maui by way of Mountain Bike!

Maui bike treks come in all sorts of various varieties. Whether you're wanting to cruise downhill from atop a volcanic mountain, or pedal beside the island's impressive shore, there are plenty of exciting options waiting for you.

When it comes to Maui bike tours, the principal attraction is Mount Haleakala. There are several ways to revel in what this extensive 10,000-ft. high volcano has to offer, which makes up roughly three-quarters of the island's surface. Among the leading choices are the sunrise mountain biking tours that begin at Haleakala's summit. This choice features exceptional views for bikers of the sunrise as it works its way up into the sky, and directs its rays down on the desolate, red caldera. It's no overstatement to claim that this will definitely rank among the most extraordinary experiences you have in your entire life! Afterwards, you'll pedal your way downhill over 23 miles of breathtaking paved roads that are full of switchbacks, indigenous flora and fauna, and [...]

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